The Science of Fiction

by Fiction

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The Science of Fiction is an album inspired by The Magicians, written by Lev Grossman. It is our first album. You might like it.


released October 11, 2011



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We are a band named Fiction. We write novel-centric concept albums and make them available for free. Our first album was inspired by Lev Grossman’s The Magicians. Our sophomore effort focuses on Infinite Jest, by David Foster Wallace. The new record is called (At Least) Three Cheers for Cause and Effect and will be released 7/29/14. ... more

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Track Name: Queen of Horns
Quentin did a magic trick and
nobody noticed, it wasn’t important
just some loose change in his hand

And he became lonely by her side
it grew worse when she went away
gave up her body before he could say...
I’m sorry

There was an accident then
his bones mended wooden, his hair grew white
but was he chivalrous before the fight?

She died on another world
it wasn’t the first time, it happened before
now it will never happen again
The Beast is dead.

Packed a ship and crew to
create some distance between himself and the shore
silhouettes of trees with clocks faded

And he was granted three wishes
due to an arrow after a change of course
but he couldn’t wish away the rules

Quentin did a magic trick and
it was impressive, but he was depressed
maybe magic isn’t happiness

So he goes to work now
he sits in an office, he goes to get bored
wonders if old friends remember him...

There was a note he kept it said:
I thought I didn’t need family, but my family was you
and you were right there all along

They shattered his window, the wind carried sounds
the wind carried traffic and showering glass
and he was remembered after all

It’s long over due
to fly out of view to our new home

Where it all began he had
followed a letter, a Fillory book
through the garden where the seasons changed

So he took his seat and
answered the questions, shuffled the cards
Fifty-three fell with the Queen of Horns

All different suits
Queens no one new / would ever know

You’ve gotta pick up yourself, man
what’s happened has happened, what’s done is done
lift your chin up and move on

We’re leaving this world behind now
won’t you come with us, don’t say your goodbyes
you could be king
Track Name: The Walking Dead
Feast your eyes on radiant screens
a handmade reality is here for you to view

Feed your hunger with the poison
feed poison with lament for the young

If this skin just doesn’t fit right - it’s designed for desire
these days you’re so desirable - so why don’t we have some fun?
look at where we came from, take a look at what we’ve done
why don’t we have some fun?

We are The Walking Dead

As I age time reverses, ‘till it’s back to blights and curses on The View
and if life is but a book tour, I’ll just smile and nod, be cordial - but what’s the point?

We are stain on the sleeve of evolution
we’re piss in the pants of progress
we are the wretched ones
look at where came from, take another look at what we’ve done
and see what we’ve become… what have we become?

We are The Walking Dead

Look at where we came from, look at what we’ve done
The Beast is our reflection, thought we had it perfect
took it to the island, sang This Land is My Land
we’re hungry like children, we’re wild as villains

We are The Walking Dead
Track Name: Queen of Clocks
Seven maids, seven mothers who got too close to seven brothers
don’t you know, now they’re alone
their lust for life was bloated, only living for the moment
that’s how it goes

Older now and so worn out, the night has lost it’s hue
since they drained the honey from the moon

Now Tokyo sounds distracting, and New York looks wracked with traffic
but these small towns… they’re drying out
seven lives resigned to gossip, searching for a human connection
in the telephone wires

Well home is where your shit is after childhood’s enchantment has
run out with the water
and they know what’s in store for their seven daughters

It’s all about when they look down on those seven lovely girls
they’ve got all the time in world

Don’t be so serious: you’ve got all the time in the world
Life’s so mysterious: preserve it for the girls
Don’t be so serious: you’ve got all the time in the world
Life’s so mysterious: don’t ruin it for the girls

Seven maids now seven mothers who got too close to seven brothers
don’t you know, now they’re alone
if their lust for life was bloated, only living for the moment
it goes to show... that’s how it goes
Track Name: Borderlines and Boundary Signs
If these are end times…
it’s all right, ‘cause I’m by your side
but someone saw a sign…
that matched a line in a book of lies
did one mention a man
missing a hand? who’d appear next door
‘cause it’s so awful how…
I feel let down by our poor design
that’s from the mouth of god…
but full of rocks and muffled vowels
So there’ll be Borderlines and Boundary Signs
to divide us all

Walking through the park…
I found initials in a heart
carved into a bench…
and wondered if the heart’s still in it
now I realize I…
will one day die
and time will erase…
my face this place and this song
is that so wrong? I call it fair enough
our bones will fill the ground for miles down
eventually… but that’s eventually
Track Name: Providence
All astride the lighted rows, aligned
with all the fireflies and milk, adorning
the most beautiful place you’ve ever been
it’s everywhere I wish I could have lived

Call it worthless, call it real
call it whatever you will
on your word I’d swear it’s anything

I’m so sorry for you

Move on Bobby, burn the clothes
remove all features from the road
while the warblers sing their melody
touch me gently, I’ll pick your brain
as a duo in a way, we’ve transcended our humanity

We planned for better out of sight
a perfect crime from perfect minds
a perfect find made sure this wasn’t one

I’m so sorry for you

Ask my doctor, I see fine
nothing you found there was mine
we were together with the girls
in our incandescent world

Now you’re on the shower floor
that’s Darrow’s gift that you adored
was it better there for you?
was it better there?

I’m so sorry for you
Track Name: Queen of Bees
Like we are cosmonauts,
whole new worlds are opening up to us
but exploration loses luster once it’s been done
static curve and cling,
what I want is everything I need
fall right into me, mindless movement
faking it out

Back in Hollywood,
little starlet learned it’s all been scripted
designs reside in the eyes
set it up, I’ll knock it out of here
this is where we live,
we pretend it doesn’t exist
with the Physical Kids, just for kicks we’re
burning it down

Your finger and the glowing button prove
that this world moves just for you
and I hope that you find what you need in there
the arrival of an unexpected guest counters your
previous conclusion
though you wouldn’t dare admit it’s true

Paired off in the snow with glowing light
I still dream about it know
don’t look so surprised when your eyes
confused what it was

Where’s your floodlight, your holy shroud
if you’re a temple, what keeps the intruders out?
doors are hanging wide open
try to stop shy of a brutal test
you will enter this place at your own risk
it’s plain to see you’re the risk now
Such a sweet tooth, a voracious appetite for lust
now only a lush looking for a dizzy eye to swerve
your way
comb it out straight, slip on something more tight
powder to hide the dark of your eyes
but the desperation drips from your lips
it’s something you can’t hide, so you don’t even try

If you’re headed down, there’s only so far
that you can go
with these devices, it’s so easy to change direction
what will you find?
counting out your gains and and loses
you lost this time
Track Name: Brakebills South
Tracing lines, buying time
some thoughts you can’t resist, unarmed
consciousness, harboring
some thoughts you can’t resist, so I’m...

It’s just one insatiable urge

Even in your weakest moment
you could be king
Track Name: Arctic
In slumber
fever, dream, sleep, hide or hibernate
I’ll just burrow away
in the earth
head is down but my ears hear the sounds
as animals sing their songs of summer

This winter
books stacked up like ladders out to planets
that avalanche and shake
where I am
skies may fall but I’ll stand unaware
with my blank sickly stare
for your words
granting all that unwavering power
it lasts but an hour
it’s been weeks now
my once healthy resolution is fading
this season will claim me

So shiver now
my breath appears just to remember
I carry covers everywhere I go
my hands are out all cracked and blue
becoming a ghost of my summer self
these books are a pyre and piling higher
I sit, I think, and I sink toward the bottom

It’s outlined
punctuation is making making me numb
grab a coffee when I’m up
so boredom
frozen on my face can dissipate when it’s shielded with fingers
stiff to the bone
from the constant barrage of motion and the keying of clauses
while Elliott
repeats all of his albums for hours
as daylight just wastes away
Track Name: Queen of Books
Left your shit for good
through the clock and to the woods
with a map leading to maps
to take you anywhere but here
thinking you might make yourself the
center of the universe
but I know you know, that I know you know
that I know: it’s not your fault

But if there was a cure
I’d sort it out
take my resentment back

Practicing your craft
as the walls, they change to red
what’s this taste on the tip of your tongue
and bloodstains ‘round your mouth
I can’t help but think how
wrong it was, the touch before you ran away
but all this destructive, unrestricted rage
leaves only the stains

If there was a cure
I’d sort it out
take my resentment back
for you to snap out of it...
It takes some civilized words