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All astride the lighted rows, aligned
with all the fireflies and milk, adorning
the most beautiful place you’ve ever been
it’s everywhere I wish I could have lived

Call it worthless, call it real
call it whatever you will
on your word I’d swear it’s anything

I’m so sorry for you

Move on Bobby, burn the clothes
remove all features from the road
while the warblers sing their melody
touch me gently, I’ll pick your brain
as a duo in a way, we’ve transcended our humanity

We planned for better out of sight
a perfect crime from perfect minds
a perfect find made sure this wasn’t one

I’m so sorry for you

Ask my doctor, I see fine
nothing you found there was mine
we were together with the girls
in our incandescent world

Now you’re on the shower floor
that’s Darrow’s gift that you adored
was it better there for you?
was it better there?

I’m so sorry for you


from The Science of Fiction, released October 11, 2011



all rights reserved



We are a band named Fiction. We write novel-centric concept albums and make them available for free. Our first album was inspired by Lev Grossman’s The Magicians. Our sophomore effort focuses on Infinite Jest, by David Foster Wallace. The new record is called (At Least) Three Cheers for Cause and Effect and will be released 7/29/14. ... more

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