Queen of Bees

from by Fiction



Like we are cosmonauts,
whole new worlds are opening up to us
but exploration loses luster once it’s been done
static curve and cling,
what I want is everything I need
fall right into me, mindless movement
faking it out

Back in Hollywood,
little starlet learned it’s all been scripted
designs reside in the eyes
set it up, I’ll knock it out of here
this is where we live,
we pretend it doesn’t exist
with the Physical Kids, just for kicks we’re
burning it down

Your finger and the glowing button prove
that this world moves just for you
and I hope that you find what you need in there
the arrival of an unexpected guest counters your
previous conclusion
though you wouldn’t dare admit it’s true

Paired off in the snow with glowing light
I still dream about it know
don’t look so surprised when your eyes
confused what it was

Where’s your floodlight, your holy shroud
if you’re a temple, what keeps the intruders out?
doors are hanging wide open
try to stop shy of a brutal test
you will enter this place at your own risk
it’s plain to see you’re the risk now
Such a sweet tooth, a voracious appetite for lust
now only a lush looking for a dizzy eye to swerve
your way
comb it out straight, slip on something more tight
powder to hide the dark of your eyes
but the desperation drips from your lips
it’s something you can’t hide, so you don’t even try

If you’re headed down, there’s only so far
that you can go
with these devices, it’s so easy to change direction
what will you find?
counting out your gains and and loses
you lost this time


from The Science of Fiction, released October 11, 2011



all rights reserved



We are a band named Fiction. We write novel-centric concept albums and make them available for free. Our first album was inspired by Lev Grossman’s The Magicians. Our sophomore effort focuses on Infinite Jest, by David Foster Wallace. The new record is called (At Least) Three Cheers for Cause and Effect and will be released 7/29/14. ... more

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