Queen of Horns

from by Fiction



Quentin did a magic trick and
nobody noticed, it wasn’t important
just some loose change in his hand

And he became lonely by her side
it grew worse when she went away
gave up her body before he could say...
I’m sorry

There was an accident then
his bones mended wooden, his hair grew white
but was he chivalrous before the fight?

She died on another world
it wasn’t the first time, it happened before
now it will never happen again
The Beast is dead.

Packed a ship and crew to
create some distance between himself and the shore
silhouettes of trees with clocks faded

And he was granted three wishes
due to an arrow after a change of course
but he couldn’t wish away the rules

Quentin did a magic trick and
it was impressive, but he was depressed
maybe magic isn’t happiness

So he goes to work now
he sits in an office, he goes to get bored
wonders if old friends remember him...

There was a note he kept it said:
I thought I didn’t need family, but my family was you
and you were right there all along

They shattered his window, the wind carried sounds
the wind carried traffic and showering glass
and he was remembered after all

It’s long over due
to fly out of view to our new home

Where it all began he had
followed a letter, a Fillory book
through the garden where the seasons changed

So he took his seat and
answered the questions, shuffled the cards
Fifty-three fell with the Queen of Horns

All different suits
Queens no one new / would ever know

You’ve gotta pick up yourself, man
what’s happened has happened, what’s done is done
lift your chin up and move on

We’re leaving this world behind now
won’t you come with us, don’t say your goodbyes
you could be king


from The Science of Fiction, released October 11, 2011



all rights reserved



We are a band named Fiction. We write novel-centric concept albums and make them available for free. Our first album was inspired by Lev Grossman’s The Magicians. Our sophomore effort focuses on Infinite Jest, by David Foster Wallace. The new record is called (At Least) Three Cheers for Cause and Effect and will be released 7/29/14. ... more

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